Welcome to Rollasole


Matt Horan started Rollasole after his girlfriend always complained of walking home in High Heels. With his first entrepreneurial venture he created the first vended shoe, launching Rollasole in his local nightclub. From his hometown, word spread and he built up his business selling his shoes online, in stores and in vending machines.
Soon the bright lights of Vegas came calling and after a chance meeting with Ashley Ross an unlikely partnership was formed to bring Rollasole into the States. Ashley had always loved fashion and business so when she discovered Rollasole she wanted to be part of its story. Together they launched the brand from her native Las Vegas they now work as a team to run everything from new designs, marketing and sales.
This small business has big dreams, it has worked for 5 years with the Golden Globes and is stocked in hundred of stores across Europe and America and is the only vended shoe in the world where its available in casinos and hotels all over Vegas. We'll do everything we can to make sure you have the best experience when ordering with Rollasole.

If you are a retailer and looking to buy and stock our products at wholesale prices, please call our UK head office on 0845 439 490. Alternatively, you can email info@rollasole.com