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This post covers both how to dress for success at work and the top tips to show you mean business in the work place.

How to present yourself isn’t the most important thing in the world, but its oh such a great place to start.


Tip 1- Hem your trousers, when buying a pair of work trousers, decide- are they for heels or for flats because, we’re sorry ladies, but they can’t be both; trousers that are too short when you wear them with heels will look silly and trousers that are too long when you wear flats will look scruffy.

Tip 2- Keep your nails neat! Its not that you need a constant manicure, or perfect nails. What it is, is that you need a neat overall presentation. If your varnish starts to chip the best thing to do is take it off. We love these handy little nail varnish remover pots perfect for your handbag and they smell great, and you can say goodbye to that harsh varnish remover smell. Its really important to keep your cuticles neat, your nails clean and as long as works for you as scruffy nails can sometimes give off the wrong impression, chipped nail varnish doesn’t exactly scream promotion….

This week at Rollasole HQ we have been discussing our nail dilemas and how sometimes our nail varnish doesn’t last more than two days! But have no fear because we have discovered the ULTIMATE solution….. shellac! Shellac promises a sheer glossy finish that lasts, no chips, rich color and it lasts for a minimum of 2 weeks! If you are as sold as we are, you can even buy your own set, just imagine…..endless manicures that last at least two weeks! Check out their website here.

Tip 3- Buy button up shirts that fit! Nothing says unprofessional like a gaping shirt, but if you do, however find yourself with the perfect fitting shirt but with a small gape, try using some fashion tape to smooth over the seams!

Tip 4- Keep it Simple! Particularly when it comes to accessories, we are aiming for polished professional not a disco ball diva. Less is more with accessories, simple and effective. Wouldn’t you rather someone notice your delicate bracelet after a while of speaking to you rather than needing their sunglasses to look directly at you. We love Pandora for delicate charm bracelets, and beautiful necklaces!

Tip 5- Dry your hair, we’ve all been there: you’re in a rush and of all the millions of things you need to do, it sort of falls out of priority, but think about the message it sends: in a rush, not ready, not focused on details… it can give off a messy impression. Why not take more time in the morning to get ready and start your day as the best version of yourself!


….our favourite picks this Autumn are the Power Dress and the Pattered Trousers

The Power dress

These days the “work dress” doesn’t have to be something unflattering and plain. Dressing like you mean business is much more about the fit and the cut than anything else.

The great thing about the power dress is that they can be dressed up with heels or down with flats, tights and coat and a scarf can make them warm but they are also chic in the summer. With the influx of power dresses on the high street, try and ask yourself these questions when shopping, is it?

1- flattering

2-office appropriate

3- on trend

The perfect dress will both be affordable and comfortable enough for your commute.

Here at Rollasole HQ, we LOVE Oasis’s workwear collection!

Patterned Trousers

Gone are the days of trousers being the boring option! This season its all about bold patterns with a monochrome outfit, our absolute faves are these Oasis beauts, have a look at their collection here!

So enjoy ladies!

Love Catherine x