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Valentines Day Ideas!

Valentine’s Day can send shivers down the spine for some singles. For this year I think, more than ever, self-love and being kind to yourself is really important. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, below are 5 ideas for V-day gifts for your Valentine, Galentine or Palentine. Or yourself!

1: If you’re the traditional type, how about a flower subscription so that the recipient can be reminded regularly of your feelings? Probably best if you’re in a relationship with them or it could come across a bit creepy. See if you can find a good florist local to your intended. Not only will it support an independent business, but also there might be a chance of free or low cost on the delivery. However, with covid, options may be limited..

2: Send a card to your best ones. These can be as soppy/rude/funny/sarcastic as you like. You’ll be able to find ‘Happy Galentines’ cards here: www.lousurfacepattern.com, as well as a host of bright and beautiful handmade goodies. 

3: Gift a one off piece: I found London Secret Stylist Natasha through a friend and you can find her on Instagram. With regular updates to her treasure trove, her unique items will have you drooling.  

4: Red is the colour of passion. The Vixen Rollable can be worn around your house to add a spot of glamour until they can be used in place of heels after an amazing night of dancing!

5: Pamper! You can do it and feel good about yourself here: www.spacemasks.com/product/spacemasks-in-aid-of-the-royal-marsden-cancer-charity-box/ and this is cute: www.walterandmay.co.uk/gifts/pamper-me-mini-letterbox-gift


Let us know how you get on!