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Blog Post - Where to Wear Your Rollasoles!

Where to wear your Rollasoles!

Rollasole are like no other shoe on the planet, we pride ourselves on being not just innovative but fashionable and comfortable. Our shoes are designed by women for women, we’ve tried to think every occasion you might need Rollasole in your life. Here our a few of our favourites

The Night Out – The original reason Rollasole was invented! You’ve put your best heels on, you’re looking incredible, you’re having the best night but by 10pm, your heels are starting to dig. Your sexy strut at the start of the night is slowly turning into a hobble. Your million dollar smile is becoming a pained grimace. Enter Rollasole!

We have Rollasoles that will match any dress but our La Femme is a safe bet for any outfit. Small enough to fit your clutch, so comfy but also feminine and fashionable.

“Whenever I leave the house on a night out, I always check I have my keys, my purse, my phone and these black Rollasoles, they’ve been with me on all my best nights out recently”

Lindsay – Las Vegas


The Drive – Last year Playboy model Soraya Vucelic crashed her Lamborghini into a swimming pool…the reason? Her heels!
Its extremely dangerous to drive in heels or barefoot, so why not always have a pair of Rollasoles in your glove box? They might just save your life! We’d recommend something from our active range like Storm.  A comfortable breathable upper and a nice grip on the sole, they are versatile shoe that you keep in your car when you need them the most.

“I don’t drink so I’m usually  the designated driver on a night out and I’ve been caught out a few times trying to drive home in heels, my boyfriend got me these and they are perfect, I throw them in my glove and slip them on after a night out or on the way home from work”

Nadine – UK

The Commute – When we first started Rollasole we only imagined ourselves as a party shoe but we quickly got feedback from customers saying how they used them for the commute into work. Wear your heels for the office but the commute there and back in Rollasole, amazing! We got to work ourselves and have designed a range of shoes that are perfect for the commute and later developed designs that would even work in the office, the best selling of this line has been – The Boss! – smart, sophisticated but comfortable. The perfect Rollasole for professional women. 

“I work in an office where its not compulsory to wear heels but its sort of expected, the Boss Rollasole are perfect for me as they look smart with my work outfits for the commute and if I do wear them instead of heels no-one bats an eye lid, they look smart, I love mine!”

 Sinead – New Jersey

The Wedding – Our favorite success story of Rollasole in recent times has been the growth of its wedding packs. Once again, it wasn’t our idea. The best friend of Rollasole Owner Matt was looking for an innovative and fun wedding favor for her low budget wedding and asked him if there was any stock she could have.

Matt gave them 50 units to have on display and didn’t think much of it. As soon as we got to reception there was a flurry of excitement around the display at the start of the night. Guests rushed to help themselves after a day in heels in the church, in under a minute they were gone!  The dancefloor was packed for the rest of the night with women in comfortable Rollasoles and Matt got to work with the Rollasole wedding packs the next day. Rollasole Wedding Packs have been a huge hit in 1000’s of weddings since including many a celebrity wedding party!

“Guests loved these at my wedding! The women were practically fighting over them! Also, I often get a text message from guests who still have theirs in their clutch bag for other nights out and they are reminded of our amazing day whenever they use them which always makes smile”

Abigail – LA