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Working from Home? How the Rollasole team is adapting and our tips for you x

Like the rest of the world the Rolla-offices have had to quickly adapt to working from home. The coffee morning gossip and lunchtime Table Tennis comps have been swapped for awkward zoom meetings and a million messages on the Rollasole Whatsapp group...
Everyone has different ways of coping, there is  no ‘right way’ to best handle working from home alongside all the million issues that lockdown has thrown up but here’s a few tips from our team that we hope will help. Trying to stay positive and build new positive habits is crucial, whenever we discover something positive about working from home that we would have missed out from otherwise we call it a ‘Corona Bonus!'

1)   Get Up Early and Get Dressed! – It sounds silly but getting ready will improve your state of mind and put you in a mood ready to work

“For the first week of lockdown I didn’t get out of my pyjamas and didn’t put makeup on as I didn’t “have to” and it really affected my productivity and my mood. Now I’ve got into the habit of getting up earlier than I would when I had to commute in, I go for a run and I’m showered, dressed and at my desk early and I feel million times better for work and around the house…maybe just not quite as much mascara I used to wear in the office! Now I jog most mornings and don’t go for drinks after work. I've lost 15 lbs so that’s my Corona Bonus!” - Erin - Rollasole Sales Team

2)   Get out and get some fresh air

Just because your working home doesn’t mean you have to stay in all day, it's important to get outside at least once a day to get some air in your lungs and give you some headspace.

“Walking my dog Curlee  for an hour at lunch is a key part of my day, staring at the screen or my phone all day is not great for productivity or my mental health. I leave my phone at home and take Curlee for a walk around the park, get a coffee and clear my head. It’s a real plus of working from home, that’s my Corona Bonus!

Ashley Ross – Owner

3)   Set boundaries in your household! It's important to set ground rules with the people you share your home with, whether that’s a flat mate or your children so they know when you’re working your focused and keep distractions to minimum.

 “My 7 year old son was off school for several months so we had to learn to work together. He’d do his school work whilst I was doing my work and when I had calls he knew not to disturb me. Even though it was trying at times I learnt a lot more about what he was doing and he understands a lot more about what I do for work and liked to learn about Rollasole so we got closer over lockdown, so that was my Corona Bonus”
Matt - Owner 
          4) And finally, be positive and communicate clearly! 

         One of the biggest problems with working from home is things getting lost in         communication, the less face time you have with people the less they know how     to interpret your tone in writing, so be clear and be positive! Use those emojis and create a positive vibe even if its in the group chat!