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Affordable and fun last minute ideas for the perfect Valentines day!

1. Create them a Spotify Playlist

We all used to love a mixtape from our loved ones- so why not bring things into the 21st century and make your Valentine a Spotify playlist? Perfect for brightening up their day at work or as an acompniament to a home cooked meal. You don’t even need Spotify premium, simply download the free verison onto your computer, laptop or I-pad, build your perfect selection and share it with that special someone.   

2. Handmade card

Take the time to make a personalised Valentines card, scrap the generic “Roses are red, violets are blue….” for a homemade card decorated with a collage of pictures highlighting all your best memories, and a simple message as a picture speaks a thousand words! If you’re feeling particularly artistic you could draw a picture of your favourite date or memory, trust us this small bit of effort will go a long way!

3. Request a song on the radio

Nothing gets us in the mood for love quite like romantic music, a great way to make your loved one feel extra special is to request your song on your local radio station. Don’t forget to text him or her when its playing- or, ideally try and get a slot over breakfast and you’ll both be dancing all morning!

4. Coupon Book

This is the perfect way to treat that special someone, take the time to think of lots of little things that your Valentine would really appreciate such as choosing the film for movie night, or a day off doing the dishes, the more thoughtful the better!

5. Massage Night

Grab yourself some scented massage oil, fill the room with candles, turn on that romantic Spotify playlist, and give that special someone the relaxing massage they deserve.

 6. Truth or Dare

Who ever said being romantic isn’t fun? Spice things up with a tongue and cheek game of truth or dare. In this oldie-but-goodie you can ask your Valentine cute questions about your first date,  followed up with daring them to kiss you. Everybody wins.

Love Catherine X