Welcome to Rollasole


1. Be Prepared-Whether you are off to a party, a meeting or a gym class- its easy to get caught off guard but remember we have a secret weapon ladies- our handbags. Your tote is your best friend, perfect for keeping your tissues, wipes, snacks, roll-up Rollasoles, lip gloss, breath mints, kirby gips, perfume, compact… you name on hand to prepare you for anything your day might throw at you! Trust us being prepared will keep you feeling supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

2. Healthy Swaps- Instead of weaving dreams in the air of completely quitting caffine, cigarettes, alcohol meat or whatever else on January 1st, which we all know from last year is nearly impossible, why not try some more realistic changes in behavioural habits? Say its cafffiene you want to cut down on, try swapping your morning coffee for a healthy and energising alternative? We love Go Coco Coconut Water, it is perfect in the morning to help keep you rehydrated and energised, you will soon feel the benefits of this natural Coconut Water and will no doubt help curb those cravings!

3. Take Something Up- Instead of quitting this or that and focusing constantly what you don’t want to do, why don’t you focus on the positive and take something up? Here at Rollasoles HQ we are big advocates of trying new things. One of our lovely team has recently started Ball Room Dancing, due to his obsession (serious understatement) with Strictly Come Dancing, and he’s been dancing around the office all morning!! This is the ultimate resolution for getting that feel good factor.

4. Fit in Fitness- It’s very easy to make the excuse that we don’t have the time, or are too tired, but getting up 20 minutes early to do Yoga or going for a swim after work is the perfect way to feel more energised. It can also help you with any health related goals you may have and will also help improve your mood!

5. Do something for Others Everyday- Whether its having a crack at playing cupid, calling your grandma or cooking dinner for friends, it is important to take the time to think about others and what might make their day. Balance is key not just between the things which are important to you but also taking the time to see what you can do for others! This is a sure fire way to make you feel great this January.

Love Catherine X