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The Clocks have gone back, the John Lewis Advert is here, and the invites to the annual Christmas ‘do’ are on your desk…. there is only one thing on our mind girls, you what know it is…. Party Season.

Now ladies we need to remember that 2014 has been a great year; we’ve had the Clooney Alamuddin wedding, both Blake and Kate’s baby news and subsequent stellar pregnancy style, Emma Watson’s incredible UN speech and WE need to finish it sparkling…! We can forget the Bridget Jones-like karaoke antics of last year, or the walking around the Christmas party with no shoes on, oh no ladies this year we are in it together and here we have the ultimate list of party essentials to help us glide, shake and strut our way through party season, did I hear you say- Here come the girls?…. Oh yes I did.

You’ve got your dress, you’ve got your heels, but as we all know to keep ourselves looking and feeling on top all night long there are a few extra things we need to keep in tow……our subtle, secretive and life saving essentials.

Rollasoles- The ultimate party essential, chose from a range of styles and colours to match any dress, these savvy little saviours not only fit in your clutch and serve as your emergency shoe, but can also be worn again and again. It’s no wonder that Heidi and Hayden couldn’t get enough last year at the Golden Globes. Get your very own Rollasoles here!

Spare tights- the last thing anyone EVER wants to hear at a party is…”is that a ladder in your tights or…” Oh we can’t even say it. But seriously, lets not ever give anyone the excuse. We love this super affordable range of Oasis tights!

Makeup Compact – this is a double whammy, not only is a compact perfect for subtly checking that those oh so tasty Canapés aren’t literally all up in our grill, but they can smooth out any dancing related shine. Perfect for keeping on track with any unfortunate lipstick on teeth scenarios we absolutely love Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Compact.

Hair Spray- We’ve all done it, got carried away dancing with the office hottie and lost track of our locks, but to keep that up-do ‘up’ sometimes we need a lil extra help. We love this mini Tigi Bed Head Hard Head spray as the perfect handbag essential.

Mints – As glamorous as drinking bubbly can make you feel ladies it isn’t always doing you breath the same favour, team this with those irresistible garlic prawn canapes and you’ve literally had a nightmare. But hey its Christmas, this is not the time for holding back, we recommend keeping a packet of these handy lil mints in your bag to keep you minty fresh all night long because you never know where mistletoe is lurking. Have a look on Peppersmith.co.uk.

So enjoy this party season feeling fabulous and Rocking around that Christmas tree!

Love Catherine X