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From Makeup to Costumes- here is the DIY girl’s guide on how ‘to-do’ Halloween!

If you are looking for more of a quiet one but still want to get into the festive spirit, kick-back and eat all the candy you bought ‘for the trick or treaters’…. why not check out our ultimate list of Halloween movies here!

But if you still want to have a freaky Friday ….

The Make- up

1. Zombie- if you want the easiest and no doubt scariest Zombie makeup- check out Julia Graf’s Tutorial on how to transform yourself!

2. If you want to turn up as the Ultimate sexy cat- check out This Vlog for your very own meowwwwwwwww.

3. And finally, our absolute fave!! The Sugar Skull- if you want to learn how easy it is to create this genius look- head over to the wonderful MissJessicaHarlow and check it out!

The Costume

1. Who says you have to look scary? We LOVE this hilarious adaptation of the Despicable Me Minions- check it out here, Bethany Mota is a great Halloween help!

2. This one gets us every time, and its SO easy to do. Check it out for yourself here!

Or if you really want to give people chills, why not try this ultimate DIY skeleton costume here.

Happy Halloween Ladies!

Love Catherine X